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Strong Science


Cholesterol lowering

Plant sterols, which are natural constituents of plants, can inhibit cholesterol from being absorbed in the small intestine. Their cholesterol-lowering health benefit has been proven through numerous clinical trials.

On the basis of the voluminous evidence of the health benefits of plant sterols, the American Heart Association currently recommends plant sterols as a first-line heart disease prevention therapy ( Medical Post March 08, 2005 Volume 41 Issue 10).

Already on the basis of previous scientific evidence it had been stated that, addition of plant sterols and stanols to foods could be an important policy of public health. The plant sterol-enriched foods could reduce the risk of heart disease by about 25 % - an effect, which is larger than could be expected to be achieved by people reducing their intake of saturated fat ( M. Law, British Medical Journal 2000; 320: 861-864).

Plant sterols are an integral part of the MultiBene-Concept.

Blood pressure control

American Heart Association recommends increased potassium intake as a key hypertension treatment (Hypertension: 2006; Vol.47, 296-308).

The DASH diet (DASH = Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) has become the cornerstone of high blood pressure prevention and treatment, and the current guidelines recommend the DASH eating pattern even for health in general (Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005)

The increase in the intakes of the mineral nutrients calcium, potassium and magnesium play a key role in the blood pressure lowering, and possibly also in other healthy effects of the DASH diet. The current guidelines emphasize the need for an increase in the intake of these essential nutrients. 

The MultiBene-Concept comprises enrichment of food items with the recommended healthy mineral nutrients calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Improved bone health

An adequate, i.e. higher than the present average intake of calcium is one of the basic recommendations for the prevention and treatment of the increasing osteoporosis problem ( FDA: Bone Health and Osteoporosis).

Enrichment of food items with calcium is part of the MultiBene Concept.

Obesity control

A lot of evidence has accumulated to indicate that an increased intake of calcium is able to combat obesity, which is rapidly increasing in many parts of the world.

Enrichment of food items with calcium is part of the MultiBene Concept.